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Been a while, bro.

You know, I really don’t know why I keep blogs. It’s not like a use them.

Anyway, yeah, been a year since this was updated, if you’ll call those updates. I pretty much use the place for weird advertisements. I’m in the middle (3 out of 5 years) of a design degree in college right now and will sooner or later be opening up a portfolio site, if anybody wants to follow what road I head down from here. I’ll post that when it’s ready.

Aside from design work, I’m also working to become a ceramic artist. I’ll post some images of what I’ve done later. Many would say that computer based design and physically based ceramic work doesn’t exactly go hand and hand. Well, those many would be right. There’s not much in common between the two, other than they are both business oriented, generally client based works. Oh well, such is the life of an artist.

I’ll post soon with said promised content.

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PhoneDog Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever – Referrals and Referrers?

PhoneDog Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever

About the PhoneDog Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever

Twice a week starting July 5th, 2011, and ending September 29, 2011, Phonedog will have a drawing for one random ticket number. By entering on PhoneDog’s facebook sweepstakes page,, you can get up to 9 ticket entries. They will be drawn and shown on this page every Tuesday and Thursday. If you add somebody as a refferer or get people to add you as a referral, you can more than double your chances to win. More on this below.

Referrals and Referrers:

Entering the PhoneDog Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever on your own, and you didn’t enter anybody as the person who referred you? You’re missing out on a free reference there, as when you add somebody as a referrer, you’ll double your amount of winning tickets (theirs + yours, the same as having somebody else add you as a referral).

I am doing this partly out of greed, and partly out of wanting to help those that need a number to use in order to add more references.

My Referrer ID is:    1160384042 

Use the above number to enter into your “I Win, We Both Win. Did somebody refer you?” section of the PhoneDog Sweepstakes page on Facebook. If you win, I’ll win. If I win, you’ll win. Double the chances to win.

As an added thing, I have not yet added anyone as a referrer myself. That means I’m still open for being “referred” to the program. The first person to post their number below will be added by me as a referrer and we’ll double our chances. People can also post their numbers below in hopes that somebody will add them as a referral.

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FiXT Store: November Blowout Sale

November CD/DVD Blowout Sale

If you’re a fan of industrial or electronic music, or hybrid industrial-electronica, I’d suggest checking out FiXT‘s current sale on CDs and DVDs. Celldweller’s debut cd (5 stars) as well as his Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head (filmscore) are currently on sale for just $5 a piece. Many other albums on both FiXT records as well as other record labels are currently on sale. Go check it out!


P.S. Remember, remember, the Fifth of November!

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Want some free Industrial/Electronic music?

So, over the years, I’ve grown to absolutely love the genres of electronica and industrial metal, especially the two meshed together. Enter FiXT, Klayton of Celldweller‘s  music store and studio. This megalith contains such acts as Celldweller, Blue Stahli, lvl, and Subkulture. Anyway, to the point. FiXT Store offers several high quality mp3s for free, of both FiXT artists and others.

Below is a link to the page where you can download these high quality, 320kbp mp3s. Legally. For free. No limewire or hiding under the bedsheets needed. Doesn’t that feel good?

Free Music!

Artists on the page with songs available are:

Celldweller (<3 Just some demos and mixtapes)
Blue Stahli (<3)
Ad Noiseam
Bitch Brigade
Deconbrio (Entire debut album for FREE <3)
The Luna Sequence
Mono Penguin
Neon Sky
Shaolin Temple of Boom
Synoise (<3)
Torrent Vaccine
Vert S1N
Voicians (<3)

And if you like those, check out FiXT’s main page, maybe something will pop out that you want to, well, buy. Support ’em.

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Websites for When You’re Bored.

Seriously. So, this is my first time posting on here in quite a while, and anyway, I’m just going to link to a bunch of websites that keep me occupied during those so-bored-you-want-to-find-the-exit-button-for-life moments. – Great place to go for blog posts on pretty much everything you can think of. 7/10.

http://oddee.comRecommended. A conglomeration of “Top 10″s and other very creepy and informative stuff from the net. Some of the articles include: “12 Most Bizarre Lingerie,” “12 Strangest Knives,” “10 Craziest Short Films,” “5 Super Human Powers You Can Have Today,” amonst other things. 10/10. – Mental Floss, Birmingham-based super-awesome-epic magazine’s website. Morning Cup O’ Links and the rest of their posts are all pretty interesting. 7.5/10. – This website takes posts from all kinds of blogs around the internet and throws links to them on a nice, simple webpage. Russian-based… I think. Lots of russian posts. 7/10.

If you have any other websites you’d recommend, post them in the comments below!

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The Life of a Theatre Techy

So, just got my first tastes of being a theatre-tech-crew-guy within the last few weeks. Fairly awesome, yes. It’s funner than I’d originally thought it’d be. I’m currently set up to be doing the soundboard and sound design for our plays and sets, but am also learning the vastly epic skills of light control & design.

Below are a few images of the Domain (read Tech Booth) in which I reside:



This is what I’m in charge of using for theatre. That and the thing below.

CD playing thing of death

CD playing thing of death



I’m also in control of the left spotlight until we possibly get more crew members to run these things.

Light Controls

Light Controls

This is the “Lightboard” which my friend Michael controls. It controls the intensity of all the lights in the theatre, along with the cyclorama lights (the lights that shoot down onto the backdrop to make pretty scenery and colors) Michael is below.


Michael. Being all mischievous

And that’s all. I’ll post more updates on the play and my job doing all of this and whatnot later.

EDIT: The current play we’re setting up for is called “PRESSURE.” And it’s looking to be really frigging scary. Will post footage of it later if possible.


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Compilation of April Fool’s Day Jokes. (2009)

As stated on my last April Fool’s Day Compilation (here), the internet has been having some amazing April Fool’s jokes/pranks over the past few years.  Below are some of the best ones I’ve found today, although there are probably way more than this. If you wish to add more, please leave a comment.

Google’s CADIE:

This was a pretty massive one. CADIE infiltrated almost every area of Google. For instance, Google Images had a picture of a panda with the words

 “Oops, I accidentally all the images!


CADIE was an “artificial intelligence” designed by Google. It created its own web blog, with which its posting began like a simple internet noob’s and slowly became more advanced.

Using “CADIE technology”, Google released an update to it’s Google Chrome browser which enabled the browser to view webpages in 3D. You could print off some red and cyan “glasses” off on the computer which would view these webpages.


More will be posted as I decide when to work on this.

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